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Working Group for [S004100] (Embassies)
(reserved for the Autistan Diplomatic Organization)

New Embassies

From August to October 2020, the Ташкилоти дипломатии Autistan created 5 new online Embassies:
- Дар Албания: http://Autistan.al
- Дар Арманистон: http://Autistan.am
- Дар Гурҷистон: http://Autistan.ge
- Дар Ветнам : http://Autistan.vn
- Дар Ва Уоллис и Футуна: http://Autistan.wf

Explanations about online embassies

Online EmbassiesVirtual Embassies), which we simply call “Сафоратҳо“, are representations of our Organization to countries, which are possible through the use of the legal link constituted by the registration of an Internet country домен (бо а Бештар, constituted of two letters after the dot).
Each country domain name extension (i.e. ccTLD) is under the control of the public authorities of the corresponding country, and the technical management of these ccTLDs is generally carried out in the country as well.
This means that our Embassy web pages (with names ending with a dot and two letters) are legally and technically dependent on the corresponding countries.
In addition, this entails an obligation of respect, by our Embassies, of the laws in force in these countries (in particular regarding the content of our pages, which obviously does not pose any problem since our Organization is diplomatic in nature).
In addition, being the registrant of an Internet domain name in a country can also make it possible to invoke a right of prior art in trademark protection issues, in the event of a dispute with an organization that would like to use our name ( “Autistan”), and that is the main reason that has prompted us to register as many Internet country domain names as possible.

Today, we protect the name of Autistan in about 85 countries, through these Embassies based on Internet country domain names.

Obviously, for the moment our Organisation is not yet sufficiently developed to establish relations with all these countries, but it is important to start by protecting our name, and to do what we can with the means we have, even if it is “minimalist”.

Autistan web pages for countries

We also have “internet pages” for other countries, in particular for the case where it is impossible to register their Internet domains (sometimes because of legal or administrative difficulties, and more often because of high prices).
These pages (like au.autistan.org) are all “located” under the domain name Autistan.org, it is easy to create them and it costs nothing. We therefore cannot consider them as “Embassies”.
To date, we have around 73 of them.

Defense of originality

In the same way that we try to defend autistic people and their originality or their “uniqueness” against “crushing”, exclusion or other serious problems generated by what we call “the law of the strongest because more numerous”, we also try (to the extent of our possibilities) not to forget countries or regions which are generally neglected because they are very small, very sparsely populated, or considered remote or isolated.
This is why we have Embassies (i.e. with Internet country domains) in Palau, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Wallis and Futuna, Samoa Islands, Niue, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Mayotte, Reunion, St-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Belize, Liechtenstein, Palestine, Mongolia …

Autistan Embassies or Autistan Web Pages in Particular Regions

The “Autistan Embassies or Autistan Web Pages in Particular Regions” generally correspond to more or less autonomous territories or entities that are part of a country (or sometimes of no country at all), and which are endowed with a particular originality that distinguishes them from the larger and more “general” entities that surround them, which carries a similarity with the social situation of autistic people.
In some cases, these “Autistan Embassies or Autistan Web Pages in Particular Regions” do not correspond to “regions” in the usual sense of the word, for example when they are “historical regions” that no longer exist (such as Mesopotamia), special locations (such as the International Space Station, of which the page is planned), or very particular concepts that are sometimes invented by us (such as “Facebookistan”).

As of 09/10/2020, these regions are :
- Дар Созмони Милал (http://un.autistan.org/) (Intergovernmental entity not part of any country)
- Антарктида (http://aq.autistan.org/) (Territory under the sovereignty of no country)
- Балуҷистон (http://ba.pk.autistan.org/) (Region within Pakistan)
- Башкистон (http://ba.ru.autistan.org/) (Autonomous Republic of the Russian Federation)
– (Clipperton Island (Passion Island) does not appear as such in this list, but it is there that lies the official seat of the Autistan Embassy to France is located, so this island will duly appear on Autistan.fr)
- Guiana Фаронса (http://gf.autistan.org/) (Department of France)
- Гренландия (http://gl.autistan.org/) (Autonomous Territory of Denmark)
- Гренада (http://gp.autistan.org/) (Department of France)
- Гонконг (http://autistan.hk/) (Formerly under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, now under that of China)
- Қарақалпоқистон (http://ka.uz.autistan.org/) (Autonomous Republic of Uzbekistan)
- Месопотамия қадимӣ (http://mes.autistan.org) (“Territory situated in the past”, therefore under the sovereignty of no one)
- Мартиника (http://mq.autistan.org/) (Department of France)
- Caledonia Сиёсат (http://nc.autistan.org/) (‘sui generis’ collectivity under French sovereignty)
- Қарабоғи Кӯҳӣ (http://nk.am.autistan.org/) (Territory located in Azerbaijan and governed by the Republic of Artsakh)
- н Фаронса (http://pf.autistan.org/) (Non-autonomous territory under the sovereignty of France)
- Пьер ва Микелон (http://autistan.pm/) (French Overseas Collectivity)
- Дар Palestinian State (http://autistan.ps/) (sovereign ‘de jure’ State recognised by more than 70% of the other States)
- ҳамроҳшавӣ Ҷазира (http://Autistan.re) (Department of France)
- Раҷастан (http://rj.in.autistan.org/) (State of India)
- Svalbard ва Jan Mayen (http://sj.autistan.org/) (Territories under the sovereignty of Norway)
- Дар Заминҳои ҷанубӣ ва Антарктикии Фаронса (http://Autistan.tf) (Territories under the sovereignty of France)
- Тибет (http://ti.cn.autistan.org/) (Autonomous Region of China)
- Токелау (http://autistan.tk/) (Territory under the sovereignty of New Zealand)
- Майотта (http://autistan.yt/) (Department of France)
– And the “Facebookistan” (http://fb.autistan.org) (A “Non-Country”, where we have a “Non-Embassy”)

About 20 other “special regions” are planned.

The Embassy of Autistan in Rio de Janeiro

We currently have only one “physical” or “material” Embassy, which is also the world administrative headquarters of our Organisation.
It is located in Rio de Janeiro, and it has an Internet domain name entirely dedicated to it: Autistan.rio.
It should not be confused with the Embassy of Autistan to Brazil (Autistan.ong.br).

(We also have a postal address in Geneva, Switzerland, where our registered office is located (see un.autistan.org)).

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